House of Almeida is a

mixed media & functional art

studio based in

Monroe, Connecticut





Our Story

House of Almeida was founded by Catarina Almeida in 2016.

She decided to build a home goods studio around the philosophy of reviving bygone interior fashions after rescuing a discarded dresser from the side of the road.

Our product offering currently consists of bespoke up-cycled furnishings, abstract art pieces, reupholstered commissions and restorations. Our aesthetic is whimsical, textural, and ever-changing. Inspiration comes from everywhere; perhaps a season change, a feeling, or a memory can spark a new idea for a piece.

Her newest and most preferred collection materialized from what some refer to as a lost art (a medley of discarded reading materials such as magazines and paperback books) that she distorts into her  own image of beauty. 



House of Almeida studio is based in Monroe, Connecticut.

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